Why in Nature?

Many children with specific learning disorders show traits of concentration disorders with or without hyperactivity, sometimes depressive traits. 
The contact with nature zests the body and the mind and at the same time gives calmness, concentration. Nature has beauty and power, it’s real, it’s life to be breathed and touched. 
The contact with Nature gets us into the right perspective in respect of ourselves and the world around us. At the same time empowers us.
Rainbow is a project which stresses the focus on pre-verbal education of the physical senses and perception faculties. Maria Montessori says: before being able to speak, the child get acquainted with his/ her mother language through hearing. The child develops first its ability to hear and listen, his hearing -sense- organ develops through exercising the faculty of hearing, which becomes listening and then suddenly the child speaks. The pre-verbal worlds in us and outside us are a very important basis for the deep and, we could say, direct, not intellectual, perception of ourselves and the others. The one who perceives his/ her own deeper subtle worlds, who feels
consciously that every living being breaths exactly like ourselves, will never be aggressive. The one who perceives the feelings of others, human beings or animals or plants will be able to communicate in a flexible peaceful way with the others. The one who can listen to the music of nature will never be destructive and will be able to absorb easily new languages because his hearing senses has become refined and more receptive. The one who can perceive and realise the beauty and mathematical perfection of nature will never destroy it and its inhabitants. Education to peace starts from the education of perception, from the education of the senses.
People with hyperactivity disorders, with autistic traits or social-emotional disorders, are very reactive to the subtle perceptions, because their disturbance originates there, in the pre-verbal level. And there it can be helped and harmonised again.