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Polinstrumentalist, composer, music therapist from Malaga

Timetables to be defined

Each participant should bring one or two blankets and a pillow, please.

Music for Oneness – Workshop for musictherapists, music teachers, students and all interested adults

The initial theoretical part will develop the concepts that will then lead participants to appreciate and fully incorporate the practical part, in which different group experiences will be realized, using a series of exercises, working on breathing, discovering our voice, working with movement to test how to flow with life and with others. There will also be parts dedicated to sharing the experiences that each participant has lived as part of the process of internal growth and awareness. Among the contents and experiences of the course:

  • Vibration as the origin of creation in traditional cultures
  • Music for unity (reconnection)
  • Music and sound as a form of transmission of consciousness
  • Internal and external listening – The development of vibration perception
  • Discovering voice as an internal development tool
  • Harmonisation and openness of heart – The concept of music for the wise in antiquity
  • Sounds that heal. Ritual instruments and bells that connect with our being.
  • Rhythms as a way to tune in to the pulse of life and our internal organs.
  • Musical harmony as a manifestation of harmony in life and in the universe
  • Movement and dance as a manifestation of internal vibration and expression of being
  • Influence of music on psyche and emotions
  • Light, color, sound, shapes, movement.
  • Musical moments with live music to develop listening, perceive emotions

Music therapy sessions for small groups with different ages and features

Ignacio Béjar proposes the ancient technique of healing through Sufi therapeutic music, played live with traditional Eastern and Western instruments.

For this music therapy experience Ignacio Béjar plays live different musical instruments, in a creative act of improvisation, using traditional Sufi instruments such as ney, oud and rebab and others such as Tibetan bowls, lyre, Turkish clarinet or human voice.

It is an experience that brings many benefits to the participants, helping them to harmonize and balance at different levels, bringing them to a state of deep relaxation that allows them to access their unconscious, where they can find answers to many of their essential questions, have important insights and be able to unlock, in this way, some aspects of their life that did not flow harmoniously.

The event lasts three hours.

It starts with a short introductory speech explaining the concept of this therapeutic technique used by ancient cultures for healing and expansion of conscience.

We then move on to the performance of the actual experience of Healing Music with live music, so that participants can experience its effects.

Finally, participants share their personal experiences.

Music workshop openair for kids and youngsters

Everything is vibration, music is everywhere, and we can easily access it. Just as we speak a language, we can express ourselves through music, a musical language that we also understand in an innate and intuitive way. Music is in the city, in nature, in our own bodies…, only that many times we don’t notice it, but in fact any sound can be turned into music, everything depends on creativity, and for that it is not necessary to have studied solfeggio or to have played an instrument previously, it is only necessary to open up to the world of sound and music and to experiment with it both actively and passively. Sound is a door to the world of sensations, emotions, movement and imagination.


  • Connect with music at a deeper level, in a playful, constructive and participatory way.
  • Expand auditory, tactile and spatial perception.
  • To promote psychomotor coordination.
  • To develop attention and concentration.
  • To connect with vibration and internal rhythms.
  • Encourage creativity and expression.
  • Encourage group relations through interaction.
  • Establish a harmonic relationship between body, mind and emotions.
  • Get to know music, dance and instruments from other cultures.
  • To contribute to personal development.
  • Overcome inhibition.
  • Get to know each other better.
  • To widen one’s vision of the world.


Music workshop openair for kids and youngsters, 10 euro per person

Music for Oneness – Workshop for musictherapists, music theachers, students and all interested adults, 110 euro per person, early booking 90 euro

Music therapy sessions for small groups with different ages and features, 40 euro per person, early booking 30 euro

Concert for all, 20 euro per person, early booking 15 euro

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