The association Sklad Mitja Čuk in cooperation with School of Peace Fvg (project 1 Lido for 4 seasons) organised 4 music therapy meetings for disabled people at the Lido of Staranzano  Tuesdays and Thursdays 7/9, 9/9, 14/9 and 16/9/21  with music therapist Sara Hoban. The aim of the music therapy workshop is to generate bio-psychosocial well-being and to restore, maintain and improve the general health of fragile people, to activate individual resources of verbal and non-verbal sound expression and to create a relationship between people beyond the diversabilities. In the music therapy workshops we used hands and body, voice and musical instruments, expressed and communicated emotions and feelings, thus promoting socio-educational and rehabilitative processes.  

On the morning of 8/9/2021 with the nature guide Barbara Bassi,  Cooperativa Curiosi di Natura, we had a walk with explanations about the surrounding nature along the coast to the Lido di Staranzano and then a creative workshop on camouflage.

We started by looking at photos of animals living in the woods, meadows or the sea (roe deer, toads, fish, insects…), whose fur, feathers and bodies have colours and patterns that blend in with their surroundings. Then, inspired by the trees and the natural environment of the lido, we made cardboard masks painted in tempera with camouflage colours and patterns, which we then decorated with materials collected from the natural environment.

Finally, we tried to hide the masks to experiment with camouflage.

The activities were open to all children and adults aged 16 and over. Information or by phone 040212289/3713229159.

Come with us next summer! 

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