Cooperativa Thiel, Adriatic GreeNet, Associazione Mitja Čuk, Curiosi di Natura, Benkadì, Laboratorio la Barraca, Associazione Lo Spazio a Colori, Pokaz associazione teatrale, Kärntner Schriftstellerinnen Verband, Associazione Interso Koper, Satya School Pondicerry -India – Consorzio cooperative sociali “Il Mosaico”


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Description of activities

21-22.04: “Giraffes”

“GIRAFFES”: (21-22 April ) Theatre workshops to learn how to communicate among European citizens. Organised by the “POKAZ” association of Zagreb, in collaboration with ISIS BEM of Staranzano and Gradisca d’Isonzo, the international network association “Adriatic Greenet-onlus” and English mother-tongue experts in theatrical techniques for language teaching. Contents: activity particularly suitable for learning a foreign language also for dyslexic people or people with learning disorders. After a series of online meetings there will be 2 final days at the beach of Staranzano, with multilingual video productions.

27.05: “Contro corrente/Flussaufwärts/Po reki navzgor”

“CONTRO CORRENTE/FLUSSAUFWÄRTS/PO REKI NAVZGOR”: (27 May ) Multilingual artistic/cultural workshop organised by the Carinthian Writers’ Association (Kärntner Schriftsteller Verband) in collaboration with Austrian, Slovenian and Italian cultural associations. The workshop will take place along the coast, between the Lido of Staranzano and the Isonzo´s river mouth and is part of an educational literary project by contemporary authors, inspired by the “Manifesto for Alpe-Adria”.

27.06-01.07: Residential stays “A beach for all”

Residential stays “A BEACH FOR ALL”: (27 June – 1 July ) Midweek offer, for 3 or more days, addressed to people with disabilities and their families, organized by the association “SKLAD Mitja Čuk”; during the days there will be environmental education workshops, organized by the social cooperative “Curiosi di Natura” and music therapy open to a maximum of 30 people between the Lido di Staranzano and the Visitor Centre of the Foce dell’Isonzo Nature Reserve, as well as guided tours to the historical-architectural heritage of Grado and Aquileia. The aim of the activities is to offer educational and therapeutic opportunities able to help the participants to express their emotions in a balanced way, to observe nature creatively, to implement the accessibility to the environmental and cultural heritage for all, creating a “tourist package” suitable to the needs of families with people affected by complex syndromes and promotable at Alpe Adria level for the future.

August-September: “Poppets at the sea“

“POPPETS AT THE SEA”: (August – September) Workshops for children and adults, to stimulate creativity. They are organised by the Consortium of Social Cooperatives “Il Mosaico” over several days, including the construction of puppets also with beached materials and the performance of stories created ad hoc.

August-September: “Words and Clouds“

“WORDS AND CLOUDS”: (August-September) An artistic performance dedicated to observing clouds to discover how much they resemble the mutability of the human soul and a didactic and playful workshop -Nuvolario – to discover the history and secrets of clouds and how to protect our and their world. Organised by the “Spazio a Colori” association of Pordenone.

01.09-08.09: Music Therapy and Mimetism

MUSIC THERAPY and MIMETISM workshops: open to people with disabilities and their carers from the region, organised by the “SKLAD Mitja Čuk” association from Trieste and the “Curiosi di Natura” social cooperative.

26.09: Awareness Day on Autism

“LIDOBIKE“ Awareness Day on Autism (26 September) An excursion aimed at cyclists of all ages with the involvement of local schools and those from other countries, starting from the Municipality of Staranzano along the Alpe-Adria cycle path to the Lido di Staranzano beach. Organized by “Adriatic GreeNet-onlus” in collaboration with the Association “Benkadì” and the association “Curiosi Natura”. “Curiosi di Natura” and the Satya School (school for autistic children) Pondicerry, Tamil Nadu (which will attend the event in online mode). Environmental education workshops will be organised on the beach, as well as information on the existing network of cycle paths and kite making workshops with a final kite flying.

10-28.10: The beach of Staranzano: A NATURAL STAGE

The beach of Staranzano: A NATURAL STAGE: ( 10-28 October) An open-air theatrical event with a bilingual performance (with young Italians and Slovenes) organised by the Staranzano cultural association “La Barraca” in cooperation with high schools from Friuli Venezia Giulia and Slovenia.

26-27.10: “Change the World”

CHANGE THE WORLD”: a day along the coast to raise awareness among citizens and tourists on the issue of climate change, its effects on the Adriatic and on lifestyles starting from recovery, recycling, waste reduction, with workshops and laboratories along the shore of Lido di Staranzano, on how to make our lives more sustainable. It will be coordinated by the Social Cooperative THIEL in collaboration with Interso, an association of Koper/Capodistria, Adriatic Greenet – onlus, Benkadì, ISIS BEM of Staranzano and Gradisca d’Isonzo.

September-december: “Photoes between earth and sea“

“PHOTOS BETWEEN EARTH AND SEA”: (September – December) Photography course organised by the THIEL Cooperative, this will be an unconventional introductory photography course for anyone interested in expressing themselves effectively through the language of photography, consciously using an increasingly accessible technology. The workshop aims to unite different generations and cultures, offering them the opportunity to improve their knowledge of the use of photography with a smartphone. The course will be divided into 3 lessons of 2 hours + an outing to the Lido di Staranzano to put into practice what has been learned.

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