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Adriatic GreeNet-onlus (AGNet) is an international network of small ecological and cultural associations & citizens, founded in 2005, with registered office in Monfalcone, viale San Marco 15, FVG/Italy.

AGNet has exclusively social solidarity aims and its main objectives are the promotion and protection of:

– nature and environment,
– cultural diversity and cultural heritage

The association is actively engaged in the promotion of a culture of peace and human rights (as proclaimed by the EU Chart of fundamental rights) through the organization of international volunteer camps and twinning programs devoting special concern to youth education through intercultural and intergenerational approach.

In pursuit of its social utility purposes the Association carries out the following activities:

1. determining sustainable priorities and criteria for environmental and cultural intervention to propose to the competent authorities;

2. awareness raising of the public opinion on various environmental, cultural, human rights and sustainable development themes;

3. stimulating and activating public participation in decision-making at all levels, by building a network for the exchange of data, information and proposals for shared solutions based on transparency;

4. organising and coordinating at regional, national and European level activities aiming at the promotion of sustainable development models;

5. organising meetings, seminars, workshops, training processes, conferences and debates aiming at a change and/or implementation of the guidelines of the European legal framework on environmental matters;

6. producing, distributing and spreading scientific, technical, cultural and educational materials on nature and environment protection and enhancement, on knowledge and promotion of cultural heritage and cultural diversity, on promotion of peace and human rights protection* through the press, radio, television and any other media;

7. organising and coordinating activities with educational/scientific purposes;

8. organising and coordinating information and awareness raising campaigns and/or actions aimed at enhancing the conscience/awareness level among citizens and other subjects of civil society on problems regarding the environment, the culture, the peace and human rights;

9. presenting proposals for amendments, integrations and extension of the national and European legal framework on the matters which are the main objectives of the association at various decisional levels.AGNet has 35 active members (6 associations, 29 persons from 5 Countries), all volunteers, working and participating in several projects according to their possibilities and limits.The annual medium budget of the association is about 40.000,00 € both as incomes & outcomes, depending by European projects approved, projects under conventions with local Public Institutions and donations of participants.

10. education of the younger generations in particular has always been a major concern for Adriatic GreeNet which promotes the civic engagement and full citizenship of the young and has implemented specific initiatives in this respect. It is the case with the project “La scuola dell’acqua GOH2O” promoted by local public authorities and managed by Adriatic GreeNet and, more recently, of the “School of Peace FVG project”. La scuola dell’acqua GOH2O” concerned education to a sustainable use of water as a common good and as a practice respectful of the environment. It has involved different schools of the region through recreational, scientific, cultural activities. “Blue weeks” scheduling different types of events were organized including initiatives for teachers and students with a large participation of local schools.

AGNet has 35 active members (6 associations, 29 people from 5 countries), all of them volunteers, who work and participate in different projects according to their possibilities and limits. The average annual budget of the association is about 40.000,00 € both as income and results, depending on the approved European projects, projects in consultation with local public institutions and donations from participants.

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