Corinna Cappel-Sellin

My name is Corinna Cappel-Sellin. I am a non-medical practitioner in the field of psychotherapy and „ich schaff’s“ coach focusing on children, youngsters and families. In my private practice in Schwalmtal (Germany) I primarily work with children, youngsters, parents and families. Besides the activity in my private practice, I have been active in various schools and institutions in Schwalmtal and Mönchengladbach for many years. I offer „ich schaff’s“, children’s yoga and relaxation courses as extracurricular activities as well as mental training courses for teenagers. I am familiar with many problems which can arise in connection with school requirements. Many children develop various psychological problems from the feeling of “being not good enough” or “not being able to keep up”. Many of these problems can disappear thanks to an adequate support of a self-image improvement. The work I do with children, teenagers and their families is really important and dear to me. I know how hard psychological pressure can be. Through positive attention to the children, and by finding solutions, changing processes are activated, which can bring families into balance again.

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