Corinne Drechsler

My name is Corinne Drechsler, I was born in Münster, Germany, in 1984.

I´ve got a diploma in Biology from Düsseldorf University. During my studies, I gained practical experience while working at the Institute of Animal Physiology at the University of Bochum and during an engagement at a nature lodge in Costa Rica, where I guided nature trails for tourists through the rain forest and took care of the garden. I also taught English to the locals. After initially working in a biological/medical research lab, in the last years I was active at the “NABU” (Naturschutzbund – German Nature Safety Association), where I introduced children to the secrets of our forest and also did research work for the annual report.

In 2017 I extended my teaching skills by working at a primary school which is applying Montessori-principles, especially supporting pupils with special needs. Besides that, I am engaged in a zero waste-shop since 2016. In my free time, I love horseback riding and playing with my dog.


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