Elisabeth Proch

My name is Elisabeth Proch, I live in Oberhausen (Germany) and work as a teacher at a secondary school in Bottrop.

I have three children who are now grown up. We were fortunate that during their schooling they were always given the time and confidence for their very own learning processes. This allowed us to experience a relatively relaxed school time full of confidence.

After working for many years at a secondary school, I moved to a newly founded secondary school five years ago, where I helped to build it up. I teach German and sports and I am responsible for the support for students with dyslexia and the development of the language education concept.

During my teaching activities at different schools I met a very heterogeneous student and parent body and also complex colleges.  It is of great concern to me to strengthen the students’ personalities, to enable them to find their individual learning paths and to make them aware of their democratic possibilities and responsibilities. I arrange the contacts with parents and guardians in the form of an educational partnership and try to support and help them. To achieve this, it is necessary that we work together as a multi-professional team within the college and also maintain a network with extracurricular educational and training institutions.

During my studies I came into contact with the Feldenkrais Method and experienced Moshe Feldenkrais’ pedagogical viewpoint as a great enrichment, so that I decided to complete the training as a Feldenkrais teacher with Chava Shelav. During my training and subsequent teaching I was able to experience how this body-oriented learning method, which is based on a deeply holistic understanding of human existence, enables each person to discover their own potential for development.

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