I was born in Gorizia, Italy, on 21st October 1975. As a child my dream was to care for animals and live in nature, but as I grew up I put people at the centre of my actions.
Living in nature, surrounded by animals, remains my dream.
I am a social educationalist. I started working as soon as I finished high school. For many years I worked in the care homes of the San Martino al Campo Community in Trieste, with people with psychiatric disorders, drug addiction problems and social unease,
Then in Monfalcone as a street educator with adolescents and social worker at the Centro a Bassa Soglia. In 2001 I was at the Social Forum in Genoa, during the G8, and my life changed.
When I returned, I participated in the founding of the No Border Social Forum in Gorizia and then the associations Benkadì and Tenda per la Pace e i Diritti, based in Staranzano. With Tenda per Pace e Diritti, based in Staranzano, we launched international projects of active remembrance, for the protection of human rights and against new fascism. For years the association has been one of the most important voices against the detention centre for migrants in Gradisca d’Isonzo (GO) and in support of asylum seekers.
I work with the association Benkadì, which deals with fair trade and spreading a culture of respect for man and nature. I have developed the Benkadì Educational Area, launching projects and workshops on education for active and solidarity-based citizenship, on the themes of human rights protection, solidarity-based economy and ecology, in collaboration with educational institution, public institutions and many organisations.

The Theatre of the Oppressed has always been a window that opens cyclically on my life, waiting to turn into a door to give me access to new working tools.

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Photo credits: Matteo De Luca, Sameena Corrado e Corrado Altran, Tatjana Schmidt