Haseena Barbana

My name is Haseena Barbana. I was born in 1968 in Italy.

I am living and working in Germany as a teacher for children with special needs. In Italy I have been studying to become a teacher of German as a foreign language and of Italian as a second language as well as filmography and video technics. I afterwards decided to specialize as a teacher for children and teenagers with special needs. I focused on the key-area “Learning disabilities with social and emotional difficulties”. I got a specialization in Mathematics for grades 5-10 of the German school system and for the key-area “Speech disabilities”.

At the moment I am learning to become a Montessori-teacher. During my almost 30 years of school service, I had the opportunity to teach in Italy, in Slovenia, and in Germany.  Comparing  the different school systems while giving a  particular attention to children with special needs I decided to start  the project School of Peace Fvg, inspired by Mrs. Montessori´s  and Sri Aurobindo´s and the Mother´s pedagogical approaches .


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