Ignacio Béjar

I am a multi-instrumentalist, composer, therapist and healer-through-music, producer, cultural promoter, creator of cultural spaces.

My passion for music and instruments of the world together with my interior work and spiritual search have led me to investigate and discover a universal language through music and sound and to recover the ritual and healing significance of this art that all traditional cultures have used, since the beginning of time, to connect with nature, with the spiritual world and to become one with the group and its environment.

I have studied Sufi Music and Music Therapy with Dr. Oruç Guvenç from Istanbul, acquiring knowledge transmitted orally for centuries in accordance with the Sufi and Oriental traditions from generation to generation.

I have participated as a musician in Sema rituals or the whirling dervishes in Spain, Turkey, Austria and Germany and I have also been a a member of the group Tumata which researches and performs ritual music from Central Asia and Sufi music.

Besides my intense activity with workshops and solo concerts, I participate as a musician, founder and composer in emblematic groups of World Music with musicians from different cultures (India, Turkey, Morocco, Africa, Iran…) with which I tour the stages of festivals, theaters and monumental venues at an international level.

I carry out important work disseminating music as a tool for healing and for the awakening of consciousness through conferences, numerous workshops and private sessions of sufi healing music (Al-Andalus and Oriental Music Therapy) in which the participants can feel the beneficial effects, on different levels, of this ancestral technique, which was used as a form of holistic medicine in the ancient hospitals of Al-Andalus and the Middle East.

I also have composed and performed soundtracks for documentaries, cinema and plays and I have created in October of 2019 the School of music for oneness in Málaga and Madrid as a spiritual path and one of inner growth through the learning of Sufi Music.

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