Josipa Lulić

My name is Josipa Lulić, I have been practicing TO (Theatre of the Oppressed) since 1996, when I first encountered it as a child in post-war Croatia, and for two decades as a facilitator of workshops with a number of groups. I have hosted and co-hosted numerous workshops in Croatia and internationally, as well as a number of art performances, public performances of TO and other artistic interventions in cooperation with different organisations and collectives. I worked as a teacher and researcher at University of Zagreb and upon leaving academia I continued to mentor and teach in para-academic settings, such as Center for Peace Studies, human rights education for high school youth at the Human Rights School, or teacher trainings programmes for using Theatre of the Oppressed in schools. I am a founding member of the Center for Theatre of the Oppressed POKAZ, based in Zagreb. My teaching praxis is informed mainly by the ideas of Pedagogy of the Oppressed, as formulated by Paulo Freire.

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