Katherine Gray

As a child I struggled with dyslexia at school. Unfortunately in the 1970s when I attended school, dyslexia was unknown. Therefore I struggled with academic work at school. I always felt I was stupid and not as intelligent as some of the other children in my class. This had a negative effect on my confidence and I felt as if I could not acheive the goals I had for my life. However the only subjects which I felt I could excel in as well as enjoy was drama. This subject gave me a platform to express myself and celebrate my individuality. This is why I am overjoyed to be working for Giraffes which helps children who have similar issues like myself. I feel that I have a deeper understanding of the children who will be attending the project. I would like to use my skills, knowledge, experience and passion to help the children on the project to discover their abilities and talents, build confidence and self esteem and as well as this, to succeed in achieving their goals, aspirations and dreams. I feel deeply blessed that I am able to make a positive difference in the lives of children through Giraffes. 

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