Katherine Gray

I worked with children for over 20 years. I am a trained teacher in Performing Arts as well as a professional actress. I have worked with children under the age of 5 including babies, up to teenagers. I am also experienced in working with children with special needs. I struggled with dyslexia at school however the only subject I felt I could excel in was drama. Drama gave me a platform to express myself, build my confidence and celebrate my individuality. Through my many years of experience, I have witness how drama can make in a child’s life. My aim is to use my skills, knowledge, experience and passion to help the children of various ages, abilities and backgrounds to express their voice, talents, build confidence and self-esteem, as well as this, to succeed in achieving their goals, aspirations and dreams. I feel deeply blessed that I am able to make a positive difference in the lives of children through Giraffes. 

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Photo credits: Matteo De Luca, Sameena Corrado e Corrado Altran, Tatjana Schmidt