Lavinia Minozzi

My name is Lavinia Minozzi. Having grown up in a working-class family whose members were fond of rock, blues and jazz music, movies, theatre, and books, I have been very curious since my childhood, always wanting to learn more.

I started listening to English and American music as a child, asking my mother to translate for me the meaning of the songs we were listening to the beginning then to write my first words in English in a notebook. Since then I have never quit studying languages: English, German, French, and Spanish at school and university. 

I have always been studying and working at the same time, dealing with international customers in several tourist facilities (such as campsites, hotels and marina resorts) as a front desk and admin attendant. I have also given lessons to young students who needed help to improve their German and English language skills and to foreigners (students or workers) who wanted to learn Italian from scratch. I love teaching languages and I would like to transmit my passion and enthusiasm over to the students also by using acting, singing, drawing, that’s why I am part of the Giraffes team.