Maria Montessori

Why Montessori?

Maria Montessori 1870-1952

We believe that Montessori’s pedagogical approach can be a good complement to the already very advanced pedagogy that our country, Italy, has achieved, especially with respect to the Dsa, which are a world still only partially known and understood.  Maria Montessori began her medical-scientific and pedagogical observations working with children and young people with different degrees of difficulty: physical or cognitive disabilities, emotional and social disorders. The Montessori method, but above all the Montessori approach to psycho-physical and then socio-emotional development, not to say ethical, moral and spiritual development of the child and adolescent, and in general of the human being, is a timeless and applicable approach in every culture, suitable for individuals with the most diverse cognitive profiles. In an age such as ours, in which children and adolescents from the most diverse backgrounds sit in the classroom, presenting very different preconceptions, skills and therefore competences, which they experience or better often suffer, in their daily multimedia, cybernetic and virtual life, the most diverse sensory, emotional, mental and psychic inputs, in this age the physical, mental and psychological development of the child and the adolescent still needs the conscious and careful accompaniment of the parent and the teacher. He needs above all to discover his cognitive and life path, himself, his abilities and will, his nature.

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