Massimo Palmieri

My Name is Massimo Palmieri. I am a retired teacher. I have been dedicating myself to drama activities with my students since 2003.

I lead now the drama laboratory La Barraca, which was established in 2011 as a continuation of the drama laboratory of the Einaudi-Marconi Technical Institute of Staranzano, to give former students the possibility of continuing to perform drama activities. The members of the company (actors, playwrights, technicians, musicians, etc.) have different ages and experiences, but together they follow a shared artistic path, all can even exchange roles.

Work is developed together and shared by all. The activity took concrete form in 19 different performances. The works and adaptations are by Massimo Palmieri, Carmen Cioban, Luca Manuzzato, Tina Cipolletta, Lia Zaganelli, Silvia Novati, Sara Di Benedetti, Martina Soban and Francesco Solidoro, Chiara Florit.


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Photo credits: Matteo De Luca, Sameena Corrado e Corrado Altran, Tatjana Schmidt