Paola Gandin

I was born on March 11th 1964. I studied as a commercial expert but I have always been interested in nature and poetry. From 1990 to 1992 I was in charge of the Municipal Social Centre of Prevention and Intervention against Drug Addiction of Monfalcone, within which I founded the association Entrata Libera. From 1994 to 1996, after having founded the social cooperative Arti e Mestieri, I took part in a working group in the Sert of Gorizia and I accompanied disadvantaged members to weekly meetings of the Alcoholics Club. I have dealt with Steinerian Pedagogy, permaculture, synergic agriculture, bio-architecture, environmental ethic, renewable energy, bio-architecture, community participated planning. In 2002 I became councillor of the association “Basilico”, the founding nucleus of an ecovillage in the province of Prato.  In 2007 I was Councillor of Conciliation in the province of Gorizia. In 2012 I  trained in the field of personal care. In 2019 I got a degree in Socio-pedagogical Professional Educator at the University of Udine. In 2010 I founded the women’s social cooperative Terranova. Terranova deals with the world of childhood, Home Educational Services, the world of adolescence with projects of Theatre of the Oppressed and Parkour workshops; in the field of intellectual disability with Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) especially with children and young people with autism spectrum syndrome and orthotherapy; in the world of adults with personal growth paths and holistic health; in the field of the elderly with home care and active aging projects. The Association has contributed significant gender education initiatives aimed at women, collaborating with local authorities and other women’s associations in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.

I am currently president of UE-Coop-Fvg, a national ethical centre for cooperatives. I am also a member of GGA -Global Goodwill Ambassadors-, an international organization for the valorisation of volunteers in the world.


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