Patricija Lovišček


My name is Patricija Lovišček. I am a defectologist (social pedagogue) and I have been working with people for 25 years, both neurotypical (for 10 years I ran a youth center) and people with special needs. During many years I also did pedagogical and counseling work with people serving prison sentences, some of whom had problems with various addictions.

I am experienced in individual and group counseling and supporting people. I work with individuals (parents, relatives, professionals) and families with children with autism.

I completed postgraduate education in psychotherapeutic approach Reality Therapy – Choice Theory and received a certificate. I regularly educate in the professional fields in which I work. For the last 15 years I have been researching the field of autism and for the last five years I have also been working in this field (I run a private institute called “Modri ​​december (blue December”).

I organize educations and trainings, seminars and other events. I also give lectures.

I run a support group for parents with children with autism and this summer I also plan to run a support group for adults with autism. I am a supervisor of volunteers who work with people with autism.

In 2019 I received the title of Annual Personality of Primorska (Coastal region in Slovenia) for raising awareness of autism among professional and general public and for work in the field of autism.

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