Peace Education

Peace Education

The purpose of School of Peace Fvg is to develop a network learning approach to foster awareness and culture of peace. In order to pursuit this purpose School of Peace Fvg promotes, supports and organizes activities of Peace Education. Not only teachers are in charge of education. Adults in general are lifelong appointed to self-education and education of others, either adults or children and youngsters. During workshops led by experts from different language, cultural, social, philosophical, religious and professional backgrounds and organized according to participative forms we wish to allow personal expertise to be shared in a constructive, dynamic way through the working out of topics regarding peace education.

Peace Education at a personal and at a familiar-social level will be pursuit through activities that promote acceptance, observative reflection and understanding, empathy, cooperation in respect of the social sense and role of each.

Peace Education in learning groups and institutions understood as personally fulfilling and socially constructive integration of every citizen will be pursuit through the variation and diversification of the pedagogical/didactical offer having regard to the different cognitive profiles and life destinies and views of both learning and teaching/ educating persons.

Peace Education at a socio-cultural-political level will be pursuit by:

– arising public awareness about the developing and functioning ways of the different kind of intelligences, personalities, wills and ethical maturities which coexist in the same social group, and  also in the same individual, considered, in a global society, as a multi-individual being him/herself.

– understanding each personality as the result of a free-will development in a first given but then chosen environment, according to the principle of mobility and free access to and communication of information and knowledge.

– considering every citizen of the world, despite of age, sex, race, cultural and religious background, level of education, range and quality of active abilities endowed with a natural propensity to a self- fulfilling life in which his/her contribution to the whole society, being always valuable, becomes effective only if actively accepted and integrated by the social-human environment at all levels.

– placing the relationship to the natural environment of a social group as highly relevant for the social, cultural and human development of a social group and of each individual living in or being in contact with this same social group.

– In this sense, the potential of transnational and transcultural exchange of experiences, lifestyles, practices, historical traditions and narratives in the Alps-Adriatic region should also be used. It is the chance of an incredible diversity in close proximity to the Fvg Region.

The main objective of our Peace Education Activities will be to analize the implementation of the Charta of Fundamental Rights of European Citizens in each countries, defining proposals and suggestions especially for people with special needs in every European country, through activities to be developed in each partner countries and partners workshop (in presence or in online meetings) to elaborate a common document that will be forwarded to EU institutions: EU Parliament, EU Commission, Council of Europe for policies and programmes devoted to the full implementation of the Charta.

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