Neuro diversity

Children and youngster who suffer from specific learning disorders have so many capacities, talents, skills and faculties in several fields. According to the principle of integration/inclusion and equal education chances for all children, as each child is intelligent, each one in his/her way, each one has the right to a manifold, versatile
and above all, flexible focused pedagogical offer. If we target our pedagogical offer according to the distribution of the perception, processing and action faculties, skills and abilities of the pupils/students, we can bring out not only a positive learning experience but …. even more: we can empower their learning potential as their weakness zones will naturally, almost spontaneously, regenerate and let come out new resources. They will not only regain self-esteem, self-confidence, a different self-image, more, but they will also develop an individual and at the same time social self-reliance as they will activate in themselves, in the others, in the group new mental, emotional and personal connections, new ways of communication, metaphorically said, new rivers, new bridges, new roads, new highways for information, for the acquisition of skills, for the development of abilities, for the unfolding of their potential faculties.

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Photo credits: Matteo De Luca, Sameena Corrado e Corrado Altran, Tatjana Schmidt