Susanne Astner

I am Susanne Astner. Since 5 years I live in Romans d’Isonzo and I am working as an educator in different schools. I have 4 children, two of them are studying in Vienna, the others are living with me in Italy. I am from Austria, I lived for 18 years in Kitzbühel and then for 30 years in Salzburg. I studied psychology at the University of Salzburg and finished with the Master. Further I also studied at the college of Salzburg and finished with the certificate for a Social Assistent. In Austria I worked always in social institutions, with children, youth and young adults. The last years in Salzburg I worked in an institution, which is helping and supporting women. My aim is to give  my knowledge and my experience for helping children of various ages, various abilities and various backgrounds. I speak German, Italian and English….and I love Italy.